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Stuck? Move.

Are you stuck?
By stuck, I mean not able to grow.
If yes, then below you may find an answer.

It happens to all of us. Everyone gets stuck sometimes. Of course, that can happen in many ways, for example:

  • You’re working on a very important project, and you can’t move forward either because of your tiredness, lack of motivation or the thoughtlessness of others.
  • You feel somewhat dissatisfied with your life.
  • You’re at odds with another person.
  • You’re often uncertain about the decisions you make.
  • You have significant amounts of physical or mental burnout (or both).
  • You find it very hard to do demanding tasks.
  • You feel stuck in your physical environment

One very important note: you’re only stuck when you want to overcome the things above, but can’t. If you’re accepting them, then it’s much more complicated and requires a thorough change to your mindset.

Being stuck is incredibly frustrating, and often sucks out all the energy you have. Whenever we’re stuck, it means that the combination of our feelings, ideas, thoughts, and the outside world is just not working. Then the only option is to move. Because that combination is not working, you need to change at least one element of it. Many people react to being stuck by blaming other people, their current projects, the weather or something else mostly not dependent on their decisions. Blaming that on the outside doesn’t help, it only deepens the problem. The condition simply becomes more and more tense and may lead to chronic depression or a mental meltdown. The easiest (but often invisible) way is to move. Change your approach to the situation, your part of the combination.

Whenever I get stuck, I try to move. When I find it hard to focus in my room, I move the furniture around. When I feel stuck when doing a task, I try to do it in a different way or in a different environment. When I’m at odds with someone, I try to apologize first, and then change my approach, as it didn’t work the first time.

Moving doesn’t just make you unstuck, it also makes you grow. You try different approaches to different situations in life. Isn’t this a win-win process? The best thing about moving, in my opinion, is the fact that in 99% it depends only on you. You don’t have to wait for others and spend time convincing them to change.
Of course, in many situations, the other side (people, environment, or heck, even the weather) also has a fair share of making you stuck. Understanding that and not completely ignoring the other factors is also very important.

I wonder, how would the world look, if everyone moved when stuck… Wouldn’t we be less stressed, more open to new ideas and overall just better? I know that not acknowledging your own wrongdoings is a very prominent part of the human condition, but I truly believe we can start overcoming that.

If you’re stuck, move.

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