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Addicted To Change

Addictions are bad. It doesn’t matter what you are addicted to. Being addicted to something means not having control. You should be able to control yourself, shouldn’t you?

Everyone is addicted to something; it’s either good or bad, maybe both, but it’s always there.

To break an addiction, you need to change. That’s the simple answer. Change is not always easy, but it might be.


This past year has been an incredible period of my life. A lot has changed; my mind, my body, my surroundings. Change itself is good. Yes, sometimes it may result in worse things, but without change there wouldn’t be anything. Our species wouldn’t exist. Our culture wouldn’t exist. Change is a necessary element of our universe. That’s why we should rather embrace it than escape from it.

Throughout the last year, I’ve learned more and more about how humans change. We change mostly because of other change. Imagine change as a constant, never ending chain of events. One small change always leads to another. Sometimes it moves between people, cultures, societies, but it always happens. That’s the beauty of it. Embracing that change-wave makes our life better.

Addicted to change

I think that there’s one exception to the addiction rule: the addiction to change. As we’ve established, change is always good. So, not having to press yourself into changing, but just being addicted to it can have tremendous results.

I’m observing this on myself. Everyday, I think about things that I could change for the better. I’m addicted to it. I crave change. Of course, there’s always time to reconsider your next actions, but with this internal drive everything happens smoother.

Change is powerful

Don’t underestimate your ability to change. Never. Because that way you’ll never change. Even if sometimes you change for the worse, you’ll learn a lot. Learning from your own mistakes is the best way to learn. Thus, change is always good.

Change + reflection = stability + openness.

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