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Projections of failure

Issue #4

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Do you want to fail?

I suppose you probably don't. If not outright scaring, failure definitely isn't something you're enthusiastic to encounter, right?

This is the wrong approach. 

First of all, you will fail. Everyone does sometimes, and that's just how it is.

Second, being scared of failure will make you only incredibly stressed out, and you will loose focus in the long run.

Isn't loosing focus exactly what you want to avoid? When you loose focus, don't you fail?

Project the worst

When starting a project, ask this VIQ (Very Important Question);

What happens if I fail?

Will I really lose something? (losing is what we usually associate with failure).

Will I gain anything?

I can already answer this one for ya:

Yes, you will. You will gain new, fresh, powerful insights into life.

I'm not afraid of failure.

I'm afraid of success without reason.

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