Go With The Flow

Issue #10

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Last week I wrote about Just Being. Simply living, not trying to overthink every decision and thought every single time. I’m still learning how to do it well.

But there’s another concept, very interwoven with the previous one: Going with the flow As life happens, we have to adapt. Change our opinions, assumptions etc. Those that cannot change intrinsically will be left behind. That’s just how it is. To change, one needs to have an open mind. They have to be flexible, as some say.

I cannot agree more with that idea. People that don’t change at all (in a conscious way) quite often harm themselves, and others. We’ll dive deeper into the concept of change next week.

But how flexible can one be?

Doesn’t too flexible equal too uncertain?

The word flow is used in a myriad of different ways. Books have been written about this particular concept. But, I have my own interpretation;

Flow - state of of open-mindedness, acceptance, but designed with solid principles in mind.

For me, Going with the flow basically means living a balanced life, living by a few concrete principles, but at the same time absorbing things as they happen.

It’s The Day-to-day Balance.

I think I’ve found it. Not in a infinite sense. There’ll be more hard things to face. But for now, in my current situation, going with the flow has become the default. I don’t know how long it’ll last. Maybe no more than a month. Maybe the next ten years.

I’ll be taking a break from writing this newsletter for the next two weeks. Hope that you’ve enjoyed what I’ve presented you with every single Sunday.

The Search will continue. The Balance is a finite resource, to live like that, one must constantly change and adapt their mind. That's why I'll continue writing this thing after the break.


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