Valuable Commitments

Issue #11

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Hi! Welcome to In Search For Balance! 

Yea, I'm back after a two-week break. It's great to be able to share some thoughts and stories with you again. Hope you'll enjoy this one. 

Was the break a good one though? 

In the past few issues I've been complaining a bit. Not much, but still more than usual. During the break I've tried to answer the question; how have the past few months been? Did I grow? Did I fulfill my mission? Or was I doing too much?

I did eventually find an answer. So... yes, it was a good break.

I also wondered; what am I committing toAre my commitments good?

Turns out I'm committing to a lot of different things. I write a daily blog, a weekly newsletter, run a productivity website with a fortnightly podcast & blog & many, many more different things. 

When I say it out loud, it sounds like a lot even to myself. 

What surprises me the most in all of this, is that I'm actually handling all of those commitments quite well. Doing so many different things seemed more than impossible four years ago.

Even when this notion started becoming slightly imaginable, I could've never thought that I'd have so much spare time!

I think that the key element to "managing" various things we do in life is simply being confident in the things one commits to. 

P.S. My daily blog switched from Polish to English for October. If you like the things I write about here, go check it out!

All the best,

and see you next Sunday.

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